Relieve Stress with Luxury Spa Package Experiences at Parisian

October 30 2020
Relieve Stress With Luxury Spa Package Experiences At Parisian

This year, there’s plenty to be stressed about. With the pandemic causing isolation, job losses, and financial and health worries, many of us – and our friends and family members – may be suffering the effects of stress. Self-care is important right now, and a day at the spa at Parisian Salon & Day Spa may be the perfect stress reliever for you and the people you care about.

We hear a lot about stress, but what is it, exactly? Stress is your body’s response to danger or perceived danger. It gets your body energized and ready to fight or run away from that danger, increasing your blood pressure, tightening your muscles, making you breathe faster, and increasing your heart rate. It’s a natural response to danger that was great when we needed to get away from a wild animal, but in today’s world, it can cause health problems. That’s because today we have so many perceived dangers on top of the real ones, like being nervous about a job interview or worrying about that next presentation at work. With so many real and perceived dangers out there today, our bodies are on overload.

All that tension can manifest itself in many different ways. With everything from headaches to moodiness to actual pain, when other medical issues are ruled out as the cause, stress may be the culprit. That’s why it’s important to manage stress by taking time for yourself to relax, do activities you love, and spend time with the people you love every day.

The spa is the perfect getaway to relieve stress. It takes you out of your day-to-day environment to kick you out of the cycle of every day worries. You get pampered, with our Parisian Day Spa estheticians providing special care just for you. And you get relaxing treatments like massage, facials, manicures, and relaxation wraps – and each one helps your body relax by calming muscles and helping to reverse some of those physical effects of stress.

At Parisian Salon & Day Spa, we provide the ultimate in relaxing getaways with spa packages that let you experience a full treatment of relaxing benefits. Treat yourself or purchase a gift card for a friend, coworker, or family member who needs the benefit of a relaxing day at the spa. We offer a variety of packages, including:

  • A Day of Relaxation – for the full-body treatment

  • The Energizer – for an amazing massage, facial, and nail experience

  • A Taste of Parisian – for a 30-minute mini massage and facial/nail experience

  • R&R – for a pampering facial and manicure

  • Total Zen Package – for the Aroma Touch wellness experience and more

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Need an escape from day-to-day stress? Make an appointment today at Parisian Salon & Day Spa. Our amazing spa packages will give you an exceptional relaxation experience that can help wipe away the effects of stress. You can find us at 9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT, or call 860-632-2144 to schedule your appointment. To give the gift of a luxury spa experience to friends and family, you can purchase our gift cards online for your convenience. You can also schedule appointments, purchase gift cards, and more on our mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play. We bring the fabulous Paris experience right to you for hair, makeup, massage, and much more.