• Hydradermabrasion$175
  • This treatment is a technique meant to cleanse, hydrate, and extract dirt and sebum from the skin. It is a very popular treatment to get as well, meaning that it must be a very effective procedure. relax and give yourself a moment to wind down while taking care of yourself. This treatment can give you skin that glows, looks healthy, and keeps it moisturized, meaning it can be effective against dry skin. On top of that, unlike with other procedures, it is a totally painless experience due to the lack of needling among other things. And while you should speak to your doctor before getting this treatment, as you should with all procedures, it is a treatment that is perfectly safe for acne-addled teenagers and adults alike.

  • Hydradermabrasion + Oxygen Infusions$225
  • This is a facial with similar benefits to hydradermabrasion alone, but with a bonus. It can rejuvenate your skin, with proper exfoliation, and a pressurized saline solution is used to deep clean the skin. The application of the oxygen infusion can also help reduce the amount of acne a person has due to killing off the bacteria that contribute to the cause. The oxygen infusion comes in a pressurized form as well, meant to coat the skin through a serum. Special serums can be chosen depending on your skin type to get the best results possible for your skin type as well. This is a great treatment for anti aging!

  • LED Light Therapy$250
  • Light therapy facials are facials that take advantage of the benefits different types of light can have on the skin. And being LED, this facial poses no risk of overexposure to ultraviolet rays. In part, it is an anti-aging treatment that can help reduce the look of age and wrinkles. This is the main purpose of red LED light therapy, which is said to help promote collagen production and reduce inflammation. Whereas blue light can help regulate acne by killing the bacteria that would cause it.

    How do we know this, you ask? Well, there were experiments scientists have performed to observe the effects different types of light had on the human body. The results of this experiment inspired LED Light Therapy as a skin treatment. It benefits the tissues in the face and is a non-invasive procedure. It has been shown to even help different conditions like eczema, sun damage, and even minor wounds.

  • Microneedling$215
  • This treatment uses fine needles to prick the skin. This treatment generates new collagen and skin tissue. The results will give you smoother more toned skin. Helps with scars, large pores and wrinkles.

  • Oxygenation Facial$199
  • Promotes softer, smoother, plumper skin by delivering oxygen molecules into your epidermis layer. Helps fight against anti-aging, strengthening skin’s elasticity and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and gives a visible lifting of the skin. Infusion promotes delivery of oxygen along with rejuvenating serums ex. hyaluronic acid, vitamin A,E, & C. Oxygen infusion treatments aid in cleansing cells, brighten the complexion and stimulate new cellular growth with microdermabrasion and infusion.

  • Nelly Organic Vitamin C Facial 60 Min$190
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen production to thicken the dermis. It reduces fine lines and helps promote firmness to give a youthful appearance.

  • Chrono Flash Facial 60 Min$160
  • “Botox in a box” extremely plumping and hydrating. Great treatment for same day or day before a special event. For instant visible anti-aging results. Includes swiss glacier water which is known for its richness in minerals and trace elements, which results in intense moisture and revitalization.

  • Nelly Organic Facial 60 Min$150
  • 100% Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by ECOCERT GREENLIFE premium skincare that is most effective in anti-aging and corrective skincare. Customize your own facial (1 of 3): Anti-aging, Sensitive, and Acne. This facial will provide benefit that will preserve, rejuvenate, and restore.

  • Anti-Aging Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial$150
  • “Botox in a box” extremely plumping and hydrating. Great treatment for same day or day before a special event. For instant visible anti-aging results. Includes swiss glacier water which is known for its richness in minerals and trace elements, which results in intense moisture and revitalization.

  • Rosacea Skin Correcting Facial$130
  • This specialized minty facial uses our newest line from Switzerland. This seventy-five minutes relax and enjoy as specific skin concerns are addressed.

  • Deep Cleansing Facial 60 Min$90
  • Exfoliating is the key step for looking radiant with a youthful glow. Releasing impurities by extraction and massaging of face, head, neck, and shoulders helps relax the entire body. Soothing mask & moisturization of face and eyes complete this luxurious service. Available on face or back.


Brow Lamination, Brow Mapping, Brow Henna, Brow Shaping,

  • Brow Mapping55.00
  • Brow Mapping is a custom technique that is customized for brow shape to fit your face. Service lasts 4-6 weeks

  • Brow Mapping with Tint65.00
  • Brow Shaping with Tint

  • Brow Mapping with Henna80.00
  • Customized brow shaping with Henna

Facial Service Enhancements

  • Alpha-Beta Glycolic Peel 15 Min$35
  • Collagen Eye Treatment$25
  • Diamond Tips$65
  • Nelly Lifting Complex Peptide Mask$50

Body Massage & Wellness

  • Swedish, Deep Tissue or Pre/Post Natal
  • Hot Stone Therapy 60 Min$90
  • Basalt stones are heated and strategically placed on the body. These heated stones are incorporated into the massage to assist in loosening the tightened and tired muscles caused by stress. A must try!

  • Aroma Touch Therapy w/doTerra$55
  • A forty -five minute massage that helps reduce stress and inflammation, rebalance homeostasis, and strengthen the immune system. Eight different certified Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils placed on the spine in a specific light touch routine that stimulates blood and neurological activity.

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy 45 Min$60
  • A gentle hands on method of enhancing the flow of the cerebral spinal fluid, blood, and lymph throughout the body, helping facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

  • Cupping 30 Min$50
  • A form of alternative medicine in which a therapist uses special cups to create suctions on the skin. Helps lift stagnant blood and lymphs to the surface to the: making room for rich oxygenation, and alleviating pain and inflammation.

  • Reiki 30 Min$40

Body Wraps