4 Reasons Why You Should Get Spring Waxing In 2023

March 25 2023
4 Reasons Why You Should Get Spring Waxing In 2023

Now that the spring days have sprung, you may be thinking about starting your waxing routine again. If so- we wholeheartedly support that. Not only does it leave you feeling comfortable with smooth, hairless skin but you will also adore the various benefits that waxing has to offer to everyone who tries it out.

It Results In Exfoliated Skin

Waxing is actually a great way to exfoliate the skin. Waxing removes all the dead skin and any excess dirt that has been lingering on the surface, making your skin all the more smooth, soft, and fresh. 

Getting Finer Hair

When you wax- and wax routinely, you will find over time that the hair on your legs, arms, and everywhere else you get waxed regularly gets finer and finer. This can ultimately lead to finer, more manageable hair- or even no hair. Why? Because over time the hair follicles slowly start to die the longer that you use our waxing services. If you keep up the routine you will notice the progression more and more. The biggest problem comes when winter rolls around and people want to stop waxing because they are no longer showing off as much skin. This gives the hair follicles a chance to heal up and the hair comes back thick once more. 

Less Time Shaving- No More Nicks and Razor Burns!

Shaving is a hassle. Depending on how fast your hair grows back you have to do it every day or two just to make sure stubble doesn’t come out to ruin your beach trips and holiday getaways. Waxing not only helps you to keep from worrying about this with longer-lasting results, but it also takes away the risk of razor burn and cutting yourself with the blade. You cut down on the cost of disposable razors, and shaving lotion, and the amount of time worrying about when and what to shave depending on the day. 

Less Risk Of Ingrown Hairs 

With the way that hair removal is done, there are a lot of methods that leave room for uncomfortable, unsightly, ingrown hairs. They can be a real bother to have to deal with, and shaving is one of the best ways to end up with one. You can avoid this much easier with waxing since it removes the hair at the root instead of just cutting it off at the surface. 

How Does It Compare To Other Hair Removal Methods?

Well, we have talked about shaving, but what about laser hair removal, hair removal creams, and sugaring? Well, sugaring is similar to waxing- the differences aren’t that big. Some people think that sugaring is more natural and more painless, but this can also just depend on your pain tolerance. Sugaring is a more gentle process, but as a result, sometimes it can leave some hairs behind. If you look at laser hair removal, it is much more painful. And hair removal creams expose you to harsh chemicals that can be rough on sensitive skin. 

Waxing Care Tips 

For the newbie, you may want to have a few helpful tips on how to care for yourself both before and after your first wax. The most important thing to remember beforehand is to not shave for a bit before coming in. The wax will need to have hair to grip onto if it is going to do a proper job, so getting your hair to be about a quarter inch long will be very helpful in being able to get the results that you want to get. Exfoliating your skin about two or three days before your wax trip is also a good thing to remove the buildup of dead skin that your wax will cling to too. Just make sure not to do it on the day of the appointment, because it can be tough to wax sensitive skin. 

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