Amazing Spring Hairstyles Taking 2022 by Storm

March 31 2022
Amazing Spring Hairstyles Taking 2022 By Storm

Are you someone who gets bored with their hair all too often? Are you wondering what hairstyles are fashionable this coming season? Well sit back and relax, because we have your back! Our expert stylists here at Parisian Salon & Spa have selected an assortment of hairstyles that are all the rage with the fashion crowd this year.

Heaven High Top Knots

Top knots are an amazing, bold hairstyle that is sure to satisfy your adventurous urges, without the need for a new cut. This hairstyle is perfect for the makeup fiend, as this particular style will keep your hair up and away from your face, giving you space to show off your artistic talent.

The Messy Pixie Cut

Simple, but stylish with its own flare, the messy pixie cut hairstyle will no doubt be a fierce look for you this spring. Especially when combined with a fun, bold, chic hair color like silver, blue or a sunset red. It's easy to manage, and easy to style- imagine you're running late one day for an important meeting, or to hang out with your friends. When styling, all you'll need to do is run your fingers through your short hair for a moment to make sure that mess looks like it was on purpose, and you'll be ready to hit the town.

Chin-length Bobs

Bobs are a beautiful way to keep some length to your hair, while still having it short for these warmer months ahead. It's not an extreme look, so it's perfect for the busy woman who can't spend a lot of time worrying about her hair. They're a fashionable way to keep your hair in season, while still having that feminine look and combating heat waves.

Waist Long Curls

Long hair, especially long hair with some nice beach waves, is absolutely a spring hair trend that is going to be taking off sooner rather than later. This is for those of you who just can't bear to cut your hair- especially after growing it out for so long. You are in luck because you can totally embrace the dramatic nature of super long hair. We promise it will have heads turning. No one will be able to get enough of it!

Canvas Hair

Hair full of colorful patterns is going to be one of the biggest hits this year. And it's exactly as it sounds- it should look like there is an assortment of multicolored patterns strewn throughout your hair. This look is only for the boldest of people looking to make a statement, so make sure to consider it carefully before you commit! When you do get your hair dyed you’ll want to take care of it well! Preserve your new colors with a good color protecting shampoo so they stay as bright as you want them to for longer.

Mermaid Red

Bright vibrant reds are taking people's heads this year, quite literally, because it is one of the current gorgeous trends everyone is going crazy for. Be as vibrant a redhead as a certain mermaid we all know and love. You can even match some of the seasonal blossoms with this fierce look.

Bixie Cuts

Last but not least, the bob/pixie hybrid is absolutely popular this spring and likely all year. An iconic 90’s look, we’re making retro looks modern by bringing them back with a boom. This look is meant to be a little shaggy looking, but is most stunning when it is slicked back on the head, but still just shaggy enough that it isn’t lying flat.

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