Anytime is a Great Time to Enjoy the Benefits of Waxing

August 15 2021
Anytime Is A Great Time To Enjoy The Benefits Of Waxing

If you’ve spent the summer shaving at home, you may have been driving yourself crazy with the time it has taken, the nicks and cuts you’ve gotten, and how quickly your hair grows back! Why not come into Parisian Salon & Day Spa and start a waxing routine! We offer an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair and give you silky smooth skin on your face, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area in a relaxed, comfortable spa setting.

Anytime is a good time to start and there are many benefits to professional salon waxing over razor-shaving or waxing at home. Here are just a few of the benefits of letting the experts do your waxing.

Longer-lasting and less growth. As opposed to shaving which only removes hair at the skin level, professional waxing removes hair from the root. When hair is taken at the root, your hair follicle needs to regrow, leaving you with smoother skin for longer. When you start a regular waxing regimen, your hair follicles becomes weaker with each regrowth allowing your skin to grow back finer and less visible.

Say goodbye to skin irritation, nicks & cuts. That itchy, annoying feeling you get after you shave? You won’t feel that way at all after a wax appointment at Parisian Salon & Day Spa. Our waxing products contain natural, nourishing ingredients that won’t irritate the skin. And, once again, because the hair is removed at the root, there is no irritation from hair that hasn’t completely been removed. As an added bonus, you won’t get any nicks and cuts with waxing. You will leave our salon with smooth, flawless skin without irritation.

Intense exfoliation. When you get professional waxing, your skin is deeply exfoliated, ridding it of dead skin cells, dirt, and environmental pollutants. It’s normal for our skin to have a surface of dead skin cells and these dead skin cells clog pores. When you exfoliate your skin, the result is clean, renewed, smooth skin. As well, when you experience deep exfoliation, it boosts cell renewal and encourages collagen production for rejuvenated, healthy-looking skin.

Avoid ingrown hairs. When you use a razor, no matter how sharp it is, or an at-home wax, you don’t remove the hair at the root. By leaving a nub of hair, that hair at the surface can turn into ingrown hair as it grows back.

Alleviates stress and saves time. With professional waxing, you can alleviate the stress of shaving, irritated skin, and wasting valuable time each day. At Parisian Salon & Day Spa, you can sit back, relax, and have our wax experts remove your unwanted hair without the hassle. You can set your appointments to be done during lunch or on your way home at night. There’s no downtime so you will leave the salon relaxed with silky smooth, healthier-looking skin.

If professional waxing is new to you, there’s little work in preparing for your appointment.

  • Let your hair grow a little longer – such as ¼ inch long for the wax to adhere to your hair for best removal. When you call to make an appointment, our esthetician can give you a recommendation depending on what you are getting waxed.

  • Don’t apply lotions or creams for at least 12 hours before your appointment to the parts of your body that are to be waxed.

  • Although waxing is not extremely painful, if this is your first time or you have sensitive skin, you may want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve the little discomfort you may feel.

After your waxing treatment, your esthetician will give you recommendations on the best skincare products to help keep your newly waxed skin nourished, soft, and healthy.

Make an appointment today atParisian Salon & Day Spa to start a regular wax routine for soft, healthy, younger-looking skin. You can find us at9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT,or call860-632-2144to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule appointments, purchase gift cards, and more on our mobile app, available oniTunesorGoogle Play. We bring the fabulous Paris experience right to you for hair, makeup, massage, and much more.


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