Brow Mapping at Parisian Salon & Day Spa for Beautiful Eyebrows

January 15 2022
Brow Mapping At Parisian Salon & Day Spa For Beautiful Eyebrows

If you’ve decided to make this year, your year for self-care and taking some time out for your beauty needs, then you may consider eyebrow mapping. At Parisian Salon and Day Spa, we offer brow mapping for beautiful brows that are customized to the shape of your face. 

What is eyebrow mapping? It’s a 3-step process that maps where the brow begins, where it ends, and the arch of the brow so that you can use beauty trends, shapes, and emerging styles and personalize them to achieve symmetry and balance while shaping your brows the way you want. 

This custom technique has many benefits for giving you the look you want:

Youthful look. It’s a well-kept secret that well-defined brows can have an anti-aging effect. Not only will amazing eyebrows draw attention to your eyes, but they will also diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making your face look more youthful. 

Frame the eyes. When it comes to highlighting your eyes, a perfect set of eyebrows can emphasize, uplift, and revitalize your look. Your Parisian esthetician will help you determine the best eyebrow shape to complement your face shape to really make your eyes the focal point. 

Polish your look. Even if you don’t wax regularly or have a regular routine of beauty maintenance, there is something to be said about well-maintained eyebrows to take your look to the next level. An unkempt eyebrow can look bushy, messy, and give you the appearance of being older than you really are. 

Alter your face shape. If you want to alter your face shape, our eyebrow specialists can help! For instance, if you have a longer face, a flattering flat brow shape may shorten the appearance and balance your face. 

Balancing your face. Nothing is perfect – that’s what makes us all unique and interesting. There’s no such thing as a perfectly symmetrical face, but with a symmetrical set of eyebrows, it will give the illusion of the perfect face shape. When you have unkept or unbalanced brows, it can either make your eyes appear off-balance or one larger than the other, which gives the wrong kind of attention to your eyes. 

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