Choosing The Best Hairstylist Around With These 5 Simple Tips

December 30 2022
Choosing The Best Hairstylist Around With These 5 Simple Tips

In search of a new stylist? It is important thing to know how to choose a good one. You want to make sure you click well with your stylist, and that they can deliver the looks you want. Trusting people to cut and style your hair can be a big deal- especially if you’re in a new area. Don’t worry, we have a few great tips that can help you decide on the best stylist for you in your area. 


Do They Work With Your Hair Type?

If you have curls then it is important to find a stylist that can work with them. Not every stylist can work with curly hair, and unfortunately, this means that anyone with curls ends up either rejected, or with poorly cut and styled hair. So make sure to ask your potential stylist questions, or look at their hair. A good tip-off that a stylist does know how to work with curls, is if they have curls themselves. 


Take Advantage Of Consultations


If your salon offers consultations, take one. Oftentimes a consultation is free and it gives you time to get to know your potential stylist while they get to assess your hair and determine what can be done with it. Be open and honest about your hair history too! Your stylist needs to know they can trust you as much as you need to know that you can trust them. Sometimes a stylist will refuse to do certain treatments or styles on you for your own good, they know how much your hair can take. Consultations help to determine a lot of things, for both client and the stylist. 


Test Them With A Blow Dry


If you are unsure about your stylist still but are to the point where you have decided to make an appointment, don't go in straight for a cut or color., Test this stylist out first with something a little less long-lasting and go in for a simple blow dry instead. A blow dry can give you a good idea of exactly how talented your stylist is, and how well they can manage your hair, and build trust between you both so that you will feel more comfortable trusting them with your hair in the future. 


Do They Perform Test Strips?


If you have had a lot of color in the past and want to try something new then it is essential for your stylist to use a test strip on your hair. What does this mean? It means quite simply, that a small strip of your hair will be bleached before everything else so that if it has a negative effect on your hair, you still have a full head of hair. If you have had a lot of colors and your stylist doesn’t perform a test strip, we recommend leaving. It isn’t worth the risk. 


Social Media Before And After Posts 


Sometimes you just need to see what they can do first before you want to go in. This is what social media posts are for, specifically when it comes to businesses. You can look at their social media pages to get an idea of what the salon is like, and what different stylists are capable of and you can choose the one you want to try. This is also a great way to be able to choose beautiful looks that you know they can do because you can show them the photo of their previous client and tell them you want something similar. This is a good way to research different stylists. 


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