Discover the Benefits of Cupping Therapy and Reiki

April 16 2021
Discover The Benefits Of Cupping Therapy And Reiki

Indulging in regular massages can have positive effects on your overall wellness and health. When you open up your mind to other alternative medicine treatments, such as reiki and cupping therapy, they can boost your health and really make a difference in the way you feel.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique that dates clear back to as early as 1500 BC! Today, it’s used as a form of alternative medicine which involves using suction our massage therapist placing special cups on your skin in strategic spots on your body for a few minutes to create suction. Cupping is used to alleviate aches and pains, reduces inflammation, improved circulation, and work as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Cupping therapy is used to treat a variety of symptoms and the wellness benefits are many:

  • Eased muscle spasms, aches, pains

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Fewer migraines and tension headaches

  • Less anxiety and depression

  • Reduced pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis

  • To relieve pain from sports injuries

  • Less congestion from allergies

  • And much more

The Energy Healing of Reiki

Reiki is so much more than just a massage technique. Started in Japan by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui, it was introduced to the United States in the 1930s. Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses the hands with light touches all over the body as a way to transmit positive life energy to the person being treated.

Before your session, your massage therapist will discuss the process and what to expect. During the session, you may become so relaxed and focused that you may experience a tingling or heat, or even experience memories. It’s important to relax and let the experience happen to absorb the healing energy.

Reiki is an effective way to aid in managing symptoms of disease and relieve stress from a stressful event or stress from everyday life. Reiki has other benefits:

  • Anxiety and depression relief

  • Respite from pain and fatigue

  • Fewer headaches and deeper sleep

  • Improved mood and wellbeing

  • And much more

Who can Benefit from Cupping Therapy and Reiki

At Parisian Salon & Day Spa, we suggest a consultation to determine if cupping therapy and/or Reiki is right for your needs. Because everyone has different needs, your massage therapy program should be customized to your goals for health and wellness. Unless directed by a doctor, everyone can benefit from either of these treatments, and benefits increase with frequency.

Enjoy the benefits of cupping therapy and reiki with our massage therapists at Parisian Salon & Day Spa. Make an appointment today at Parisian Salon & Day Spa to relieve your stress and ease your pain. You can find us at 9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT, or call 860-632-2144 to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule appointments, purchase gift cards, and more on our mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play. We bring the fabulous Paris experience right to you for hair, makeup, massage, and much more.


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