Enjoy Healthy, Smooth Hair with a Brazilian Blowout

December 15 2020
Enjoy Healthy, Smooth Hair With A Brazilian Blowout

If you struggle with frizzy hair, especially in the wintertime, Parisian Salon & Day Spa has the cure! We offer our Brazilian Blowout to protect your hair from the season’s harsh elements while at the same time making it smoother, more manageable, easier to style, and frizz-free.  


A Brazilian Blowout is a professional smoothing treatment that uses a plant-based amino acid and bonding technology to improve the health of your hair. It offers help with over-processed, dry, damaged, frizzy hair, whether it’s damage from chemical treatments or environmental factors. 


How does it work? Keratin is a natural protein found in your skin and hair. Over time, your hair loses keratin from over-styling, sun exposure, and hair treatments. Instead of directly adding keratin back into the hair, a Brazilian Blowout adds its own protein back into the hair to once again form a protective layer around your hair shaft to lock out humidity and strengthen your hair. This safe, effective hair treatment will give you smooth strands and shiny hair and will protect your hair against external damage for three to four months. 


Your hair won’t lose your natural curl with a Brazilian Blowout unless you want it to. Your Parisian hair stylist will work with you to determine how much texture you want remaining in your hair while eliminating the frizz. Whether you want to keep your natural curl or completely straighten your hair, it’s all customizable based on what you’d like.


Is a Brazilian Blowout safe? Yes! It’s one of the most popular smoothing hair treatments because it’s safe for any hair type and you can walk out of the salon with beautiful hair with no “downtime.” It’s been proven to increase moisture levels and improve shine without the harsh chemicals of other smoothing treatments. It’s even safe for color-treated hair, and because it seals your hair, your hair color may become more vibrant and last longer. 


Our entire in-salon treatment typically takes about 90 minutes. Once your Parisian stylist rinses out the treatment, it’s ready to dry, style, and go! You can put your hair up, go to work out, take a shower, and wash and dry your hair the same day. 


Before leaving our salon, your hairstylist will recommend the best hair care products to use so that your Brazilian Blowout will last as long as possible. With proper treatment, your hair will look healthy, frizz-free, and silky-smooth for up to three to four months. Once it wears off, your hair will simply return to its natural texture, so there won’t be any “odd stages” between your hair care treatments. 


If you’re ready for smooth, shiny hair that will be soft and manageable through the holidays, ask us about our Brazilian Blowout. Make an appointment today at Parisian Salon & Day Spa for a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you. You can find us at 9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT, or call 860-632-2144 to schedule your appointment. To give the gift of a luxury spa experience to friends and family, you can purchase our gift cards online for your convenience. 

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