Fabulous Eyebrow Mapping and Lash Extensions for Summer!

April 18 2023
Fabulous Eyebrow Mapping And Lash Extensions For Summer!

With the shift to summer comes the need for a fresh reset to your beauty routine. Make your eyes really shine during the sunny days ahead by popping into Parisian Salon and Day Spa for eyebrow mapping and lash extensions. 

What is Eyebrow Mapping? 

Eyebrow mapping is a method of shaping your brows by adjusting where each brow begins and ends, and the location and angle of the arch, to fit your face and frame your eyes. Eyebrow mapping measurements are based on your general face shape and then fine-tuned to fit your unique facial features. Technicians use a series of lines and angles to determine which brow shape and size will best suit you. 

Benefits of Brow Mapping

Eyebrow mapping improves your ability to maintain your brow shape in the future, by giving you a set structure that works well for your face shape. Brow mapping has cheek-lifting effects, and can give the illusion of an eye lift. Because brow mapping uses measurements and angles to achieve the look, brow symmetry can be improved. If you often struggle to get both brows to match, or if you want a low-maintenance brow solution for the summer, this may be just the treatment for you. 

What are Lash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are glued to each of your individual lashes with a medical-grade, semi-permanent adhesive that can last for weeks. Our salon uses Xtreme Lash Extensions by Jo Mousselli, a trusted name in the world of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. After the initial application of your full lash set, you can come in as needed for a lash touch-up to have broken or damaged lashes replaced. 

Benefits of Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions create a full and dramatic lash lookout, without the need for mascara. Lash extensions can last for weeks and even months with proper care and touching up. If you're on the go this summer, lash extensions can speed up or even replace your makeup routine. Lash extensions boast a longevity that false eyelashes and mascara cannot offer. With this painless procedure, you can feel confident that your beautiful lash look won't be getting smudged or streaked while you hang by the pool or have fun in the sun! 

Whether you find yourself soaking up rays or lounging in the cool of the indoors this summer, lash extensions, and eyebrow mapping can help you achieve the laid-back, no-hassle summer you're craving. Both eyebrow mapping and lash extensions can last for weeks before having to be touched up, which means that you can get glam and get back to the fun! 

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