Get Beautifully Shaped Brows Today With Brow Mapping

September 9 2022
Get Beautifully Shaped Brows Today With Brow Mapping

Bushy brows got you down? If you can not get your brows to look the way you want with plucking, you may start seeking a professional brow mapping service to get them perfect. Whether you struggle with keeping your brows shaped just right, or are just looking for the convenience of service, you will find that brow mapping is a fantastic salon service guaranteed to give you the best brows.

What is Brow Mapping?

Brow mapping is a shaping technique to help you get your brows looking as fabulous as you want. Specifically, it looks at the ratios of your face to determine the perfect shape to compliment your features. A technique used in design and architecture is used to achieve this called “the golden ratio”, which helps to identify the perfect balance between face and brow. The process has three steps- mapping out where the brow begins, to its arch, to its end, all with your facial proportions in mind. From there, the process of shaping or tinting will begin.

Showing The Process

When you go to get your brows mapped, there are some things to expect. First, you will need to have a consultation so that the treatment can be modified to your preferences and habits. After this, you should know about the options. Normally when you go in for brow mapping, you will find a lot of salons offer shaping, tinting, or microblading as part of the process. At Parisian Salon and Day Spa, however, we offer henna and tinting. Once your brows have been cleaned, the area will be measured. This will often include using ink on the skin to make measurement lines to determine the most aesthetically pleasing shape of the brow for your face. This is when the next step should begin.

Preparing For Your Appointment

When you have decided to go and get your brows mapped, there are some things you may want to do prior in preparation for your appointment. The most important thing to consider is growing out your brows as much as possible will give your stylist more room to work to make sure that they will get your brows shaped perfectly. This is the most important thing to consider, as it simply opens up the variety of possibilities for your brow shape and leaves a little wiggle room.


Making sure that your brows stay how you want them post-appointment does require a little patience. For twenty-four hours, you will not want to get your face wet- this includes showers, washing your face, makeup removers, saunas, swimming pools, and facials. The moisture can mess up the treatment for a day or two after the tint. You also should not mess with or pick at the treated area to keep from messing it up. Using barrier creams can help to reduce fading of the color in your henna treatments as well. Following the instructions on our site, and the instructions your stylist will give you, should ensure you get the most out of our service.

Maintaining The Perfect Brows

To make sure you keep your brows looking prim and proper consistently, you should come for your appointments routinely every three to four weeks. However, this can also depend on the hair removal method, so make sure to ask your stylist beforehand.

If you’re looking for a new way to do your brows, Parisian Salon & Day Spa is the place for you. Our location is at 9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT. You can Book an appointment with us online, or call us at 860-632-2144. You can also use our free mobile app to schedule appointments, purchase gift cards, and so much more! You can find it available on iTunes and Google Play.


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