Get One Of These Drop Dead Gorgeous Cold Weather Haircuts Popular This Year!

November 30 2022
Get One Of These Drop Dead Gorgeous Cold Weather Haircuts Popular This Year!

If you are tired of your normal every day look and are dying for something more, then you may just need to spice up your style with a great new haircut this season. The question remains- what cut should you choose? Well, you could just get a simple trim. Or, you could try out one of these various trendy looks that have been taking the front lines for our winter season this year! 

Trying The Modern Mullet

If you’re looking for something a little punk, but pretty, then a modern mullet is the cut you need to achieve. Blunt cut bangs and microbangs are typically in order with this particular style of mullet, with longer hair along the neck and shoulders. There are a couple different ways this look can be styled, but pairing it with an emerald green, dulcet brown or some voluminous curls would spice this look up perfectly for the winter. 

Trendy Bottleneck Bangs

If you go for bottleneck bangs you are getting a lovely set of bangs catered to showing off and framing your face. These bangs should be short in the front and gradually get longer on the sides. It’s trendy, feminine, and stunning all in one. You could also try it out with a money piece for some in-season coloring techniques to pair with your new do. 

Bobs Are Back

Bobs of all kinds are coming back from chin length, shaggy and shoulder-length cuts. You can count on a bob styled haircut now more than ever, for chic short hair styles and winter fads. The great thing about a bob during the winter is that while it allows you to retain short hair, you also have a bit to work with to keep your neck warm and experiment with a variety of different styling techniques. 

Playful 70’s Shag

Going with a vintage shaggy look offers you a lot of depth and dimension with a ton of beautiful layers. No matter who you are, your hair type, length, or styling preferences, you can utilize a shag cut with ease. It can be made to fit whatever event you want as well, without having to worry about standing out- unless you want to, that is. 

Modern Pixie

Are you tired of long hair? Do you need a clean, low management cut? Want hair that does not take a lot of time to style or color? Then we recommend to you, the modern pixie cut. 

A Butterfly Cut

For a gorgeous cut and voluminous bangs try out the new trend called ‘The Butterfly Cut’. It’s begun making its circles and with its bouncy bangs, layers, and overall intricate look you are sure to absolutely adore it. In winter especially, given it allows you to keep your long luscious locks alongside the cut. Better yet, with its design it can look amazing on anyone who tries it! 

90’s Retro Layers

This is by far one of the most popular cuts around lately. It’s long, effeminate, effortless and very voluminous. Styling is not even necessary most days because the way the cut lies when it dries naturally is already almost perfect. 

Wispy Feathered Bangs

If you prefer shorter, across the face bangs, then this might be more in line with your interests. See, like blunt cut bangs these ones go straight across the forehead, but the technique for cutting them leaves them wispy, soft and feathery in appearance. The texture in this style of bangs is quite pleasing to the eye, and you will find that it is a fun way to utilize bangs in making your hairstyle a little more zesty.

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