Gorgeous Hair Extensions For Summer Fun

May 7 2023
Gorgeous Hair Extensions For Summer Fun

Are you looking to try something new with your hair this summer? Do you love the look of long hair, but just don’t have the length for it? Maybe you find yourself trying to add volume, or you want to try out new styles before committing to a new do. Hair extensions may be just what you need to spruce up your look this summer!

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are sections of natural human hair or quality synthetic hair, tied to your natural hair or attached with an adhesive. The sections of hair are positioned near the root of your hair and sandwiched between layers of your own hair to hide the fasteners. Hair extensions are a painless and semi-permanent way of adding length and volume to your own natural hair.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are characterized by sections of hair attached to your own hair by hair-safe adhesive. The sections of hair are applied parallel to your head in strips. Tape-in extensions are safer for hair prone to breakage.

Tie in Hair Extensions

Tie-in extensions are sewn directly to sections of your hair. No adhesive is used in the process, and a lot more hair can be attached to smaller sections of hair for incredible volume. If you have thin or fine hair, tie-in extensions may be more inconspicuous, and won't show through your hair as easily. All extensions are washable and easy to style. Many also find that tie-in extensions are easier for wearing hair up than tape-in extensions, because the ties are more flexible than tapes, and are easier to hide. Your stylist can help you decide which type of extensions will best suit your needs.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are totally customizable. The amount of length and volume added to your hair is up to you. They add dimension to your hair and hide split ends and other hair damage. Hair extensions are long lasting, lasting up to a few months, and are relatively low maintenance. You can clean and style your hair as you normally would.

Your stylist can also help you achieve a subtle color change by adding extensions, by choosing a color slightly different than your base color, and blending it in with your natural hair. Hair extensions come in many different shades, so the color possibilities are endless! You can experiment with colors you haven't tried before, with little effect on your natural strands.

Hair extensions give you the opportunity to play around with different styles before making a more permanent change. Extensions are semi-permanent, so they will last plenty long enough for you to decide if you like the longer length, added volume, or different color, but can be easily removed if you decide to go back or try a different style! The change is instant, so you won’t have to wait months or years to grow the length of hair you desire.

Though hair extensions can be really long-lasting, you can also utilize them for a short-term event, such as a prom, a wedding, or any other event for which you might want a specific hairdo that can only be accomplished with long hair.

Hair extensions are versatile, save time, are easy to style, give you instant results, and can be an instant confidence boost!

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