Hair Color & Highlight Techniques 101

May 29 2021
Hair Color & Highlight Techniques 101

Summer is near and with it comes warmer weather and, for many, a need for change. If you’ve been thinking of a change in hair color, now is a perfect time! Whether you’re indulging in a vacation this summer or a staycation at the beach, it’s the perfect time to show off some new highlights or a whole new color – the choice is yours. At Parisian Salon & Day Spa, we offer a wide variety of hair color techniques for you.

If you aren’t familiar with all the techniques and options, it can be difficult to talk to your stylist about what you want to achieve with your hair color. Today, we’ll go over the latest trends in hair color and highlights to help you decide the best option for you.

Ombre. This option is often confused with the balayage technique since both of these create a gradient color result. The secret is that balayage is the actual technique and ombre is a style of balayage. The difference is in the placement of color. In the ombre style, your highlight color of choice is applied in horizontal layers starting from the root and extending to the tip. Think beautiful bands of color blending into each other as they fade from dark to light. Ombre is a great style to customize to suit your personality. Whether you want natural tones for a classy subtle effect or bright fantasy colors to show off a sassy attitude, the ombre works for any look you want to achieve. You can even decide to do a reverse ombre, which begins with lighter roots and descends to darker tips!

Balayage. As you may know, the word balayage comes from the French and means, “sweeping,” the ideal way to describe this technique. Your Parisian hair colorist will sweep color onto your hands with a hand-painting skill from root to tip. The effect is a beautiful gradient look that melts the colors from dark roots to the lighter tips. Balayage highlights are known for their sun-kissed look that is reminiscent of summer days at the beach. You can choose soft and natural-looking highlights to brighten your natural base or give some attention to your locks with shades that are significantly lighter than your natural base. Maintenance is easy if you choose highlights that are close to your base color since your roots blend in together perfectly as your hair grows out.

Teasy Lights. This is a fairly new trend we’ll be seeing a lot of this summer. It combines traditional foils with balayage hand-painting to add its own little twist of perfection. Your stylist will divide your hair into sections and tease the hair before sweeping the color from root to tip, then finally wrapping each section in foil. You’ll achieve the gradient look of the balayage with the brighter contrast of foils. This is a great highlighting style for those with darker hair who want to lighten their look without the upkeep of a high-maintenance color.

Foils. This highlighting technique has been around forever. Its popularity started in the 80s and has been in and out of fashion ever since. This involves your stylist sectioning your hair, coating the strands with color, then wrapping each section in foil to contain the intensity of the color in each section. This is a high-contract highlighting technique that creates a lot of dimension and depth to the hair. Foils are also known for their 90s counterpart of chunky highlights, with strips focused close to and around the face.

Money Piece. Similar to the look of chunky highlights, these are created using the balayage technique so that it brightens your face in a soft, subtle way to give you a refreshed look without high contrast. Instead of root to tip, this highlighting option focuses on only the front and blends around the face to achieve highlights that are your hair color, only a slightly lighter shade hugging the face.

There are many highlighting options to choose from as well as single- and double-process hair coloring. Your Parisian hair colorist will work with you to help you decide which color and which technique is best for the look you want to achieve.

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