How Sunscreen and Facials Help Protect Your Skin Year Round

October 25 2022
How Sunscreen And Facials Help Protect Your Skin Year Round

When it comes to keeping your skin safe and healthy, facials and sunscreen are two of the most important parts of your routine. Even with the colder seasons, maintaining a proper routine with the right products is important for a variety of reasons. Here we have listed the benefits of facials and sunscreen alike, and why sunscreen is important even in fall and winter weather. 

It Helps To Prevent Premature Aging

Treating your skin right with an anti-aging facial can help you to retain a youthful glow. Likewise, maintaining that look through the use of sunscreen is ideal in the prevention of premature aging altogether. If you know anything about skincare, you likely know the sun is often a culprit for premature aging. If you want to prevent this, then protecting your skin from the sun is the first way to start. Due to ultraviolet rays, a lack of sunscreen can be the cause of aging, even if you are trying to prevent it- so keep on top of it. 

Prevent Uneven Skin Tones

Uneven skin tones are something many people face in their lives, and part of the culprit for this is exposure to the sun. It can make freckles that already exist darker, and cause new spots to appear as well. If you would rather prevent this, then you want to use sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays are known to cause these discolorations, or emphasize them even more. You will find that to go even further, you can even out tone through microneedling facials to slowly fade the look of these discolorations, as well as reduce the look of large pores and scars. 

The Cancer Prevention Benefits of Sunscreen

Using sunscreen can be extremely beneficial health-wise in that it can greatly reduce your chance of developing certain cancers. Making sure to utilize sunscreens with healthy ingredients can play a part in this too, but you should ensure that it is always at least an SPF 30 sunscreen, however, 40 is ideal. 

UV Rays Can Be Stronger In Winter

This may sound a little backward, but it is undeniably true. When it is winter, it means that the hemisphere you reside in is pointed away from the sun. So it would stand to reason that these rays would be weaker during this time- and they are, technically. However, the snow is white. When the snow starts to hit the ground, it reflects and amplifies this light, exposing you to two times more ultraviolet rays than what you would otherwise be getting. Keep in mind, given that there are fewer UV rays present in the winter time than in the summer, you would not be getting two times more UV rays than you would in warm weather. You would just be getting the equivalent of the number of UV rays you would get during the summer anyway, so it is best to still wear sunscreen even when it’s snowy. 

You Need To Hydrate Your Skin When It Is Cold 

When it is cold outside and the air is dry, your skin is more likely to dry out and become irritated. Your nose, lips, cheeks, and forehead can become uncomfortably dry and cracked if not treated right. Some sunscreens come as a moisturizer, which knocks two problems down with one stone! And should you find that your skin needs extra attention due to dryness, facials are here to help. Even the most basic facial consists of using a high-quality moisturizer to hydrate and soothe the skin, so a deep cleansing facial should do just the trick.

Sunscreen Application

If you are unsure as to the proper amount to use when you do use sunscreen, a proper application should be about one ounce per use, to cover the body of an adult. Apply it thoroughly, and do not be afraid to use it as much as you need. 

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