Reasons to Never Skip Conditioning Your Hair

February 15 2023
Reasons To Never Skip Conditioning Your Hair

We’re all busy, and sometimes it’s easy to skip a few steps in our morning routine to save a little time. We don’t always shampoo our hair, but when we do, conditioning seems like an extra step that just slows us down. However, hair conditioning is just too important to skip. Here’s why.

Detangle. The most obvious benefit of conditioner is that it helps you comb out wet hair easier because it reduces tangles. It works by smoothing down the cuticle, which is made up of individual cells that stack on top of each other like roof shingles. When raised, they stick to cells on nearby hair strands and tangle together. Smoothing them down keeps them in place.

Moisturize. While your shampoo cleans away dirt and grime, it also strips away some of your hair’s natural oils that keep it soft and shiny. The right conditioner infuses moisture into each hair strand to replenish what shampooing and heat from styling tools and the environment have taken away.

Protect. As it smooths out your hair’s cuticle layer, the conditioner leaves a protective layer on top of each strand, protecting them against the environment and heat from hot water and styling tools. Less damage means your hair will look silky and shiny for longer. 

Strengthen. Conditioners fortified with strengtheners help your hair withstand harsh elements, dry air, and heated styling tools so your hair looks healthy and soft.

De-frizz. When each strand is covered with a moisturizing, protective coating, your hair is smoother and frizz-free. 

Everyone needs a conditioner, even if you have oily hair, or if you think that conditioner weighs your hair down. Ask your Parisian stylist to recommend the best conditioning product for your hair type and texture, use only the amount directed, and rinse well under warm – not hot – water. People with dry, curly hair need to condition even more often, so ask your stylist if deep conditioning treatments are right for you.

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