Resolutions for Healthy Hair in 2022

December 15 2021
Resolutions For Healthy Hair In 2022

If you’ve made it a goal to achieve at least a couple of your New Years’ resolutions this year, you don’t have to set yourself up for failure by thinking big. Instead, think small and make changes that can be done simply but can make a big impact on you. If you’ve noticed your hair has been looking dull, lackluster, and is dry or brittle, you can make small, easily attainable resolutions to get your hair healthy and manageable in 2022.

Our expert hairstylists have come up with a list that not only will make your hair healthier, but some of these can also help you achieve a healthier lifestyle overall.

Go to the salon regularly. Keeping up a good salon regimen will help keep split ends and breakage to a minimum. Having a master hairstylist at Parisian Day Spa to give you professional hair color, deep conditioning treatments, and address any hair concerns will promote healthy hair.

Go au natural. When possible, give your hair a rest from tight ponys, heated styling tools, and chemical processing. Perhaps choose a day that you wash, condition, and let your hair go natural without styling and excessive hair products.

Hands off. Constantly touching and messing with your hair can traumatize the hair, causing breakage and thinning hair. Make a resolution to not pull, tug, excessively brush or harshly comb your hair, especially when wet. All of this will weaken your hair.

Feed your hair. When your body lacks protein, iron, and other key vitamins and minerals, it can have a huge impact on your hair. Your body essentially takes those nutrients from your hair and skin to other parts of your body that are deemed more essential. Simple changes to your diet such as healthier snacks and more well-balanced meals can add moisture and nourishment back to your hair, making it more manageable, healthier, and looking shinier and softer.

Deep condition weekly. Provide extra hydration to your hair by simply setting aside one night a week to add a deep conditioning treatment to your hair such as R+Co Perfect Hair Masque. This masque works to dramatically improve elasticity and manageability while conditioning, deeply replenishing, and reducing frizz.

Change hair products with the seasons. Certain products are better for different seasons. If you stay in a rut and use the same hair care products all year long, you could be inadvertently harming your hair. For example, during the colder months, you should be focusing on more moisture and hydration. Warner months, use lighter, specially-formulated products that won’t weigh down your hair. Ask your Parisian hairstylists which of our haircare products are best for your hair type.

Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water each day can be tough – it’s remembering to take time out of our busy schedules to drink water regularly that is challenging. But staying hydrated is good for your hair and skin! It adds back in moisture to the hair shaft that is lost by dry winter air, environmental factors, and more.

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