Show Off Your Eyes This Summer with Our Lash & Brow Services

July 15 2021
Show Off Your Eyes This Summer With Our Lash & Brow Services

Summer is the best time to show off all your great features, including your eyes. With our Parisian’s Salon & Day Spa eye services, you can show off your lashes and brows no matter how you spend your summer. From lash extensions to lash lifts, tints, and brow mapping, we offer everything you need to boast long, thick lashes and sculpted brows all summer long.

Lash Extensions

Enjoy long, thick lashes with Xtreme eyelash extensions. These are made from synthetic polyester to look and feel like a natural eyelash. The best part is that they are virtually weightless! Not only can you do away with the lash curler and mascara, saving time and frustration each morning, but there won’t be any smearing or running and they’ll look like your own natural lashes.

Lash Lift

Your lashes will be the center of attention as they’re lifted and curled for thicker, longer lashes that last from six to eight weeks. Our lash experts will work with you to customize the look you want, to get the curl and lift that you desire. There’s virtually no aftercare so just get up and go! Your lashes will keep their shape whether your dancing, hiking, swimming, or showering!

Lash Tint

For a more defined look, our lash tint is a semi-permanent solution and can be done with a lash lift. It will intensify the color of your lashes to give them an extra boost to help them stand out naturally. Since it’s semi-permanent, there’s no applying mascara needed, no touch-up needed, and no smudging or smearing!

Brow Mapping

If your brows are thinning, misshaped, or light in color, our brow mapping service is the perfect solution to customize your brow shape to fit your face. This 3-step process includes mapping where the brow begins, where it ends and the arch of the brow. For darker brows, we offer tinting or henna with this treatment to darken brows that are light in color, or to help your brows match your current hair color.

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