The 7 Latest Ideas In Trends For Bangs In Fall 2022

September 30 2022
The 7 Latest Ideas In Trends For Bangs In Fall 2022

Bangs are really popping this fall as one of the hottest trends of the season. And since everyone is getting them, knowing the various trending styles is essential for keeping up with what is in! Getting a sharp new set of bangs will be the highlight of your year when you try out one of these sizzling looks.

Curtain Bangs with Long-Layered Hair

Curtain bangs are a set of bangs that frame the face with longer locks, sweeping back at the cheekbone to give that swept curtain look. Combining these bangs with layered hair makes your hair appear light and flowy, and creates a feminine look perfect for any ladies looking for a pretty new look.

Gorgeously Cut Blunt

Blunt-cut bangs are without a doubt one of the most bewitching, trendy, and flexible cuts of bangs on this list. What blunt cut means, is quite simple. The bangs are cut across the front, in a straight line and complete fringe. Your forehead will be covered by a straight fringe of hair, creating a breathtaking change in hair for you with just a simple cut.


If you love the look of feathery, wispy hair, then these bangs will be the style for you. Wispy bangs like these extend fully across the forehead as well, however they don’t offer complete coverage. The tips of these bangs feather out delicately, thinning out at the bottom and creating the wispy effect we know you love.

Itty Bitty Micro-Bangs

If you want to try something new and out of the box then you can instead try going for the micro bang trend. These bangs, when seen in action, offer coverage for the top half of the forehead only. They do not extend to the brows or below. The great thing about this look too is that if you get them, as they grow out you can try a variety of different bangs if you want. But this stylish look is definitely one to try out if you are feeling adventurous!

Overall Shag

This particular look is meant to encompass all the hair, but with bangs. Having a shaggy haircut with shaggy bangs will give your hair a perfect amount of character for the autumnal season. With a haircut like this, management will be much easier as well. You do not have to put forth effort and product into styling if your hair is naturally shaggy.

French Bangs

Bangs with a french cut are great for slimming the face and complimenting shorter, rounder faces. This cut is the one that is most commonly found on runways and has been extremely popular all throughout the year.

Pixie Cut + Bangs

Short hair with bangs is banging this season, and any set of bangs will work perfectly with them, provided you like them. This is a good way for people who might otherwise be rather antsy about trying out shorter hair because the bangs offer an illusion of retained length.

To add extra fluff and volume to your bangs, you can try using our volumizing spray to get those bouncy bangs!

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