The 8 Most Gorgeous New Colors To Seek Out In 2023

January 30 2023
The 8 Most Gorgeous New Colors To Seek Out In 2023

Now that 2023 is here, you must be dying to know what new colors are starting their rounds right now! There is a plethora of gorgeous colors being made popular this year that you can browse, and we are sure you will love every single one. Here are some of our personal favorites that you need to try this year.

Chunky Highlights

If you want something a little more noticeable but with natural colors then you may be in the market for chunky highlights. This gorgeous look is made by taking the highlight technique and applying it to chunkier sections of hair, making the color pop much more. Bright and dark colors blend together beautifully with this striking look.

Permed Fiery Red

Considering getting a perm? Try getting some zealous red locks to accompany your curls. Adding red to your look is a great way to really show off your new texture, adding an extra lovely pop. Bouncy curls and extravagant ginger colors are going to take the lead this year. 

Peachy and Rosy

You saw the popularity of rosy shades in 2022, from rose gold to a variety of pinks and reds- now get ready for that trend to shift from rose to peach. The light orange hue of light peachy colors, especially if combined with rose gold undertones, is perfect to add some variety to the trend this year. This is great for people who consider themselves creatives at heart and want to display it openly. Expressing yourself with this color will be the highlight of the year. 

Cool Gray Tones

Gray tones have been in for a while and don’t appear to be going anywhere this year but up. Gray is a gorgeous color being embraced by young and old alike- as it should be. A salt and pepper or skunk stripe look can be a great way to make the color pop, or you can opt for a full head of gray. 

Light Creamy Mushroom Brown

When considering natural colors, this lovely shade of brown creates a light, creamy, beautiful kind of shade anyone can love. This color is imbued with lovely caramel undertones and is perfect for meshing dark and light colors. This color might look particularly great with a shadow root. 

Violet Streaks On Brunette 

If you want to add a pop of extravagant color to your brown or black hair, look no further than a spectacular shade of violet. Adding streaks of color will make your hair look unique, trendy, and vibrant. And when you choose violet you choose one of the best colors of the season. 

Smokey Glossed Brunette

If you want to add a little something extra to brunette hair then you may like this. A glossed, smokey look is a great way to add some shine and definition to plain brunette hair. Even the most subtle changes can make a big difference. 

Strawberry Brown Highlights 

You have heard of strawberry blonde, now get ready for strawberry brown. Deep strawberry red colors streamed through warm brown hair, highlighting with soft colors is a fantastic way to really show off a lovely red shade and make your natural hair pop. 

Make sure that when you color your hair, you listen to your stylist’s post-care instructions. Avoiding heat, and hot water and limiting washes can help keep your hair vibrant for longer. Make sure it stays healthy and moisturized with leave-in conditioners, and ask your stylist for tips on making sure to keep your colored hair healthy especially if it is your first time getting your hair dyed. 

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