The Benefits of Massage with Parisian Day Spa

February 28 2021
The Benefits Of Massage With Parisian Day Spa

Everyone loves a massage for its relaxing properties, but it’s about much more than a fun day at the spa. Massage has many benefits that can improve your overall health and wellness, so scheduling those regular massage therapy appointments is important.

Pain relief. When muscles stiffen and spasm, it can worsen the pain. When muscles relax, you may experience a significant reduction in pain that lets you get through the day without drug therapy or unnecessary discomfort. Whether you have a sports injury, a sore back or other areas from stress or repetitive work, or just have overall pain from muscle tension, massage can help reduce the effects of pain.

Stress management. The stress you feel every day can take a toll on your body. Regular massage therapy relaxes your body and mind, giving you that time to destress and help your body recover. Just scheduling an appointment for self-care through massage can help you feel better because you’re taking action to give yourself time to address your wellness.

Fewer headaches. Relaxing your entire body through massage can even help reduce the number of headaches or migraines you experience each month.

Better circulation and body function. Massage stimulates your body to create more effective blood and lymphatic (detoxifying) circulation, which in turn helps improve bodily functions like heart rate, blood pressure, and even immune response.

More energy and alertness. Much of that feeling of overtiredness comes from stress. Having regular massages addresses the effects of stress on your body, and you emerge feeling refreshed with greater energy and alertness.

Reduced anxiety. Emotional feelings like anxiety and depression can sometimes come from the stress response in our bodies. Regular massage calms these effects and can lead to a more relaxed state of mind with less anxiety and a more positive mood.

At Parisian Salon & Day Spa, our expert massage therapists offer a wide range of massage options so that your treatment can be customized to your needs, such as:

  • Swedish massage

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Hot stone therapy

  • Cranial sacral therapy

  • Cupping

  • Reiki

  • Aroma touch therapy

Want to experience the many wellness benefits of massage for yourself? Make an appointment today atParisian Salon & Day Spa and our professional massage therapists will help you on your way to improved wellness. You can find us at9 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT,or call860-632-2144to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule appointments, purchase gift cards, and more on our mobile app, available oniTunesorGoogle Play. We bring the fabulous Paris experience right to you for hair, makeup, massage, and much more.


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