The Best Tips For Keeping Your Curls Free of Frizz and Damage

August 15 2022
The Best Tips For Keeping Your Curls Free Of Frizz And Damage

Getting your hair styled and cut is a great way to start off the new season with a fresh new look. It is also a great way to control frizzy, damaged hair! This is a problem you may face if you have never learned how to care for your curls. If this is something you struggle with then you will be thrilled to know there are a variety of ways to care for your hair that can help prevent damage, reduce frizzy looks, and promote your curl pattern. It can be a slow process, but regaining your hair health and maintaining it is absolutely possible. 

Regular Haircuts

Cutting your hair regularly is the most recommended and easiest way to prevent your hair from developing a lot of damage, promoting growth and keeping it healthy. This is because the ends that are dead, dry, split, and causing breakage are coming off and allowing the healthy hair to grow out without causing a cycle. Curly hair that is damaged, especially at the ends, may not curl as well as the healthier parts of your hair, giving it a flatter appearance as well. If you want your curls to be healthier, and amplify your curls, cutting off those ends can be the first step forward in making sure they grow and stay healthy long term. 

Shampoo & Conditioner 

Your shampoo and conditioner can make or break the health of your curls, both in their ingredients and how you use them. Avoiding damaging ingredients like alcohol can help keep your hair from getting dried out from the very products that are meant to add moisture. Looking for ingredients like shea butter and aloe can ensure that you are hydrating it well, especially in natural curls since they are prone to drying out. It is also important to monitor how often you wash your hair with shampoo. Shampoo strips off the natural oils of your hair, which it relies on for moisture. Curly hair often does not need to be washed every day, so you can get away with washing it once or twice a week. With modern hygiene myths, this may seem a bit counterproductive, but your hair will be that much healthier if you give it a chance. 

Special Products

There are specific products you are able to get as well to specially cater to your curls with styling as well. Priming your curls, using the plopping method, or leaving in products designed for curls can help with styling curly hair appropriately. Appropriate styling can be really important in making sure your hair is both healthy, and that you get the most bounce out of your curls possible. If you are not being mindful of what you put in your hair though, you will want to start. Using products without high alcohol content, or sulfates can help keep your hair happy! If it needs to recover from the use of damaging products in the past, using serums and moisturizers designed to hydrate and repair can be a great way to give your hair a healthier appearance without a dramatic cut. 

Brushing Gently

Gentle detangling is key in making sure you don’t cause a ton of breakage in your curls. When you are aggressive in the detangling process, you heavily risk breaking off tangled hair. Hair being torn instead of cut with a sharp pair of scissors causes stress to the strands, meaning that they are now much more likely to split and break. 

Limit Heat

Heated styling tools can be bad for all hair types, especially hair that is already prone to damage and dryness. A good rule of thumb for everyone is to use heat protectants when you do use heated styling tools, and never try to style wet hair with flat irons or heated curlers. Wet hair is already at its most fragile state, and heat is one of the easiest ways to hurt it. You may be looking for pretty and neat curls, but doing that too often can instead create a mess. This applies to blow dryers as well, though the heat is being dispersed instead of applied directly to the hair. Just make sure to let your curls air dry when possible. 

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