The Need-To-Knows about Our Amazing New Facials

July 25 2022
The Need-to-knows About Our Amazing New Facials

In choosing a facial you may have never tried before it is important to know all the details of it. Knowing its pros and cons, what specific benefits you can receive, and the process that makes it so special is part of being well informed before you have decided on treatment. So we have all the important information here about our newest available facials. 


This treatment is a technique meant to cleanse, hydrate, and extract dirt and sebum from the skin. It is a very popular treatment to get as well, meaning that it must be a very effective procedure. The most time that it will take is about thirty minutes, giving you a half hour on the day of your appointment to relax and give yourself a moment to wind down while taking care of yourself. This treatment can give you skin that glows, looks healthy, and keeps it moisturized, meaning it can be effective against dry skin. On top of that, unlike with other procedures, it is a totally painless experience due to the lack of needling among other things. And while you should speak to your doctor before getting this treatment, as you should with all procedures, it is a treatment that is perfectly safe for acne-addled teenagers and adults alike. 

Hydradermabrasion + Oxygen Infusions 

This is a facial with similar benefits to hydradermabrasion alone, but with a bonus. It can rejuvenate your skin, with proper exfoliation, and a pressurized saline solution is used to deep clean the skin. The application of the oxygen infusion can also help reduce the amount of acne a person has due to killing off the bacteria that contribute to the cause. The oxygen infusion comes in a pressurized form as well, meant to coat the skin through a serum. Special serums can be chosen depending on your skin type to get the best results possible for your skin type as well. 

LED Light Therapy 

Light therapy facials are facials that take advantage of the benefits different types of light can have on the skin. And being LED, this facial poses no risk of overexposure to ultraviolet rays. In part, it is an anti-aging treatment that can help reduce the look of age and wrinkles. This is the main purpose of red LED light therapy, which is said to help promote collagen production and reduce inflammation. Whereas blue light can help regulate acne by killing the bacteria that would cause it. 

How do we know this, you ask? Well, there were experiments scientists have performed to observe the effects different types of light had on the human body. The results of this experiment inspired LED Light Therapy as a skin treatment. It benefits the tissues in the face and is a non-invasive procedure. It has been shown to even help different conditions like eczema, sun damage, and even minor wounds. 

There are different types of LED light therapy outside of blue and red as well, such as yellow, which stimulates the flow of blood cells and can help treat things like spider veins, as well as a variety of other things. One of the biggest drawbacks of this procedure can simply be the price, but you should be sure to discuss with your dermatologist if this is a good treatment to try. It can also take up to a month or longer to really start seeing results, so consistently coming back is the best way to get those benefits. 

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