These Popular Makeup Looks Are All The Rage In 2023

March 15 2023
These Popular Makeup Looks Are All The Rage In 2023

2023’s makeup looks are coming in strong this Spring! There are a ton of stellar trends that anyone can wear- and everyone will love them. Whether you’re looking to get your makeup done for a special occasion or just want to treat yourself to a gorgeous makeover, these looks are the few we have chosen that you have got to try!

Try Those Bold Y2k Looks!!

Remember the trends from the turn of the century? They are back in fashion. We are talking glitter, we’re talking pastels, we’re talking lip gloss, shimmery looks, metallic eyes, and nails- all this and more are prominent in 2023. Take this opportunity to try out ombre lip colors and dramatic, bright eyeshadow. Smokey and icy blue eyes, bubblegum pink lipstick, waterline eyeliner- it is all game this year.

Mystical Mermaid Colors

With mermaid makeup, the theme is chrome and iridescent. A glimmer is reminiscent of rainbow scales, silver, and teal colors with a bright sheen. Golden eyes and bright shades of chrome and holographic type look. Amp up your look with this mystical glam look!

Jewel-Dotted Faces

This year is the year that facial gems are going to shine absolutely! They got popular last year but this year they are reaching their peak- with bright colors and shiny stones you can really jazz up the look for fancy, dramatic occasions where you need to make a statement. Use them to bring attention to specific areas of the face- and if you want to really sell the mermaid look, combine this look with bright highlighters and the mermaid colors too. You could even use them as a sneaky way of covering up zits.

Cool Fresh Eyes

If you like dusty mauve and smokey grey colors, this is the trend for you. Cool neutral eyeshadow is the way to go in 2023. Soft, wispy color and makeup is just the thing to soften up spring. You could even try a few rosy shades with it to add some warmth to the chill. Periwinkle and icy blues, green shadow, and a soft purple can add a bit of brighter color to those cooler-toned looks as well. 

The “Siren Eye” Eyeliner Look

You’ve heard of the mermaid look- now let's talk sirens! The siren eye is a method of applying eyeliner that slims and lengthens the eye rather than making them bigger like the well-known doe eye. This look makes you look elegant, and striking. Get that ethereal look you crave with a stellar siren eye. 

Gorgeous Natural Makeup

Minimal makeup is a great way to be able to go through a bit less makeup while still getting all the benefits of gorgeous makeup looks. This is great for girls who love a pretty but simplistic look and don’t want to bother with the hassle of more complicated makeup looks. Nude lips, mascara, lip gloss, light foundation- all these can be used to make this look work. 

Colorful Lashes!

Looking to get your lashes done? Consider adding a pop of color. Or you could even consider getting colorful mascara so you can change your look easier. Bright colors on your lashes are a unique way to add a bright splash of complementary hues. Remember- this year, we love longer lashes. 

Luscious Red Lips

Let’s start springtime off with a classic- bright, bold, chic, and lively, the red lip is a sight to behold. Ruby red lips are just the thing to really perk up a drab look, and that deep red shade compliments everyone from pale skin tones to deep brown, so it's a versatile look for everyone. Celebrities have also definitely been seen enjoying the look more often lately. 

Rosy Red Blush

Deep rosy blushing cheeks are just the thing to really spice up the look! Warm up those cheeks and match those bold Y2k trends for 2023. Bright colorful blush is the perfect thing to really match the hues of Spring. 

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