Treat Your Body & Mind to Balance with a Body Wrap Treatment

November 30 2021
Treat Your Body & Mind To Balance With A Body Wrap Treatment

With the stress and pressure of the holidays upon us, it’s important to remember to slow down and take some time for yourself. At Parisian Salon and Day Spa, we offer two types of body wraps, Cellulite Slimming Treatment, and a Deep Relaxation Wrap. Both of our wraps offer unique benefits to meet your specific needs.

Body wraps work to target not only improving your skin and physical aspects but also improving your mental health and wellbeing – giving your mind and body the perfect balance. If you’ve never indulged in a body wrap, now’s the perfect time to learn the benefits of wraps.

Benefits of a Salon Body Wrap Treatment

Deep exfoliation. Your body wrap treatment begins with exfoliation. Our body scrub is designed to rid the skin of dead skin cells while enabling the body wrap ingredients to be deeply absorbed into your body.

Detoxing your body. The ingredients in our wraps are specially designed, along with our skilled estheticians, to essentially pull the toxins out of the body. The process of detoxing helps to leave your skin glowing, aids in boosting metabolism and reduces the inflammation caused by acne. Another great part of the detoxification process is its likely to help increase your energy and relieve chronic pain!

Smooth, moisturized skin. No matter which of our wraps you choose, your skin will be moisturized, hydrated, and nourished, resulting in smooth, supple skin. As a bonus, our estheticians add our specially-formulated lotion after the wrap is removed and washed off. You’ll leave your spa visit with soft, younger-looking skin!

Encourages weight loss & cellulite elimination. Although you need multiple sessions with wraps to achieve the effect you desire, body wrap treatments can be useful for weight loss. Investing in series will achieve weight loss in the following areas:

  • Remove water weight: Most excess water weight is removed through sweat caused naturally by the tightness of the wraps and nutrients being absorbed into your body. Losing water weight can help you appear slimmer while shedding unwanted inches.

  • Achieve body contouring: Body wraps are known effective treatments for tightening your skin. Our expert estheticians can help you focus on the full body as well as targeted areas specific to your needs. When you get a body wrap, your body attains a natural contour which results in a more pleasing body shape.

  • Diminished cellulite: Although cellulite is a common problem, a spa body wrap can be the perfect solution! Cellulite commonly affects the legs, hips, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Our body wraps help to reduce cellulite by boosting blood circulation and flushing out damaging toxins from your body.

Relaxation & quality time. When you invest the time in one of our relaxing body wraps, you’ll find your mind becomes clearer as you’re free to focus on calming thoughts, listening to music, peaceful breathing, and just taking a few minutes for yourself while relieving yourself from the stress of your day-to-day routine. This calming time not only helps your mental health but also causes your stress levels to diminish. When you are stressed out, your body produces a chemical that blocks your body from losing weight.

Our Body Wrap Treatments

Cellulite Slimming Treatment revitalizes tone and tightens skin with our powerful essential oils. You will enjoy visible long-term results with a recommended series of 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks.

Our Deep Relaxation Wrap uses a relaxant oil to target the sympathetic nerves as our body wrap soothes your mind and alleviates all your fatigue and stress.

We all need to revitalize our minds and rejuvenate our skin every once in a while. At Parisian Salon and Day Spa, our body wraps will help you do just that. Wondering what to get for that perfect holiday gift? How about a Parisian Gift Card so they can enjoy the world of body wraps!

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