Why A Beautiful Spring Haircut Is Best For You 

May 25 2022
Why A Beautiful Spring Haircut Is Best For You 

Haircuts are a common part of life, and you should get them often! There are a lot of reasons behind getting a haircut, regardless of if it’s a simple trim or a drastic change. You don’t want to miss out on all the benefits cutting your hair can offer, as well as the potential fun trends you could follow when you get a new haircut.

Why You Should Get a Haircut

Haircuts are essential for the health of your hair. You should get your hair cut about every eight weeks to really ensure the health of your hair. This is especially true if you want your hair to grow out - getting your hair trimmed when you’re growing it out actually promotes growth by reducing excessive breakage, splits, and dry ends. You should also get your hair cut often if you are dying it frequently. Dying your hair a lot exposes it to a lot of damaging chemicals and can leave it coarse and hay-like. Cutting off the damaged parts is the best way to heal your hair back to its original healthy self.

Beautiful New Styles

If you’re looking to change up your style a little, there are a lot of trendy summers cuts up for grabs this season. For example, a classic bob, or, really any variation of the bob will be trendy in our Spring season! They’re light and airy cut with some style. Long layered cuts, the ‘’Bixie’’ (a look that combined the look of a bob, and a pixie cut), various types of bangs, and the shag cut, are all some other beautiful examples of haircuts and trends you could try for this season.

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