Wonderful Wedding Cuts And Styles You'll Admire For Years

November 15 2022
Wonderful Wedding Cuts And Styles You'll Admire For Years

If you are planning a wedding, obviously one big thing on your agenda must be choosing your salon and hairstyle. As you are aware by now, there are a lot of options when it comes to trendy, gorgeous wedding styles. And here, we have listed some of our favorite options for weddings happening this season- and this year! You will be sure to love these styles in all the wonderful years to come. 

Sleek and Graceful Ballerina Buns

If you like neat, simple, and pretty then this is the style that is calling for you. Ballerina buns offer a warm, elegant simplicity that can be absolutely stunning and perfect for your wedding day. This classy style can be totally sleek and shiny, or there can be an added swirl effect to the bun to make it a little extra fancy. 

Flower Weaved Braids

A flowery braid is a look that can be simple and elegant or ornate and extravagant depending on the specific look you are going for. You can use simpler braids or amp up the look with fishtails or dutch braided hair. Now, floral hair can be achieved in a couple of different ways. The first and most obvious is through weaving flowers throughout the braid, whether they are real or fake. You can also use clips, or decorated bobby pins. Adding in some pearly accessories can help take it to the next level as well, making for a perfect wedding look. To make it extra special, you can even make the flowers in your hair match the ones in your bouquet. 

Cute Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are cute and popular, perfect for a memorable wedding reveal or a cute simplistic style. This particular look is great for more free-spirited weddings- and you can achieve some lovely styling as well with this short style. Adding curl and sparkle can really add the ‘pixie’ to your pixie cut. After all, a little glimmer will give it a fairytale look! A cut with longer hair can also utilize french braiding techniques. 

Loose Fishtail And Tousled Curls

For a soft but flashy look, you can try out fishtail braiding. Now, there are a variety of ways you can utilize a fishtail braid. Your whole head of hair can be turned into an ornate and gorgeous braided ‘do. You can also have a partial fishtail braid by having it half up, or two braids pulled back from the side to create a crown effect. Decorating these braids with fall-colored leaves, flowery clips, or a gorgeous tiara can be the finishing touch you need. And do not forget to add in the tousled curls to finish it off- this will really make the look. 

Retro Celebrity Waves

There is a certain prestigious Hollywood glamor to a retro wavy hairstyle, and is a fantastic look for a lady that demands respect, but isn’t afraid of some fun. It is vintage, inspired by styles from the 1940s, so you know that this is a look that will allow you to be put together, neat, but also fun and stunning. 

Wispy Updo

For the lady that prefers a more mystical romantic look for her wedding day, perhaps a classic updo should be your go-to style. Having a stunning updo is only amplified by adding wispy, soft strands strategically styled to bring out the beauty. Add texture and volume by curling these strands, for a lovely and poetic hairstyle. 

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